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This website was designed by myself before the pandemic when I first met Rob he was tired of having constant issues with his website not working on mobile. 

Since helping him create a website that isn’t only responsive but just works his website has become an extension of his business. 

Helping such a talented expert in his field I’m delighted to report even though the pandemic Rob’s website was getting hits leading to more business than ever once he was able to reopen.  


Meet Our Executive Chef


Web hosting isn’t something I knew about in the beginning however since finding out more about hosting websites for people I work with some of the best hosting providers, Helping my clients develop, expand and grow when needed. 

Budgeting is very important to consider when helping people host that’s why I always try and find the best solution for every client. 

I found that many people that have a hosting solution get all too caught up in getting miss-sold or up-sold on something that they don’t need.

That’s why I had to get involved I couldn’t believe the horror stories I’ve heard about some of the most reputable companies in the industry ripping clients off holding your website hostage and charging unexpected fees for basic support. 



Getting your business out there can be challenging. SEO or Seach Engin Optimisation is one of the most important elements of your website. It takes a lot of time and can even leave you wishing you’d hired a whole SEO team to help kick your website off. This can be one of the most rewarding things to see your website at the top of some of the biggest search engines and can be achieved with some help from me.  

Search engines usually use some pretty complex technology behind their algorithms and bots. However, their intention isn’t to lose your website but help promote the best website to their customers. 

Common things that can help your SEO are loading times, metadata, Keywords, and websites that are user-friendly.   


Meet Our Executive Chef

Website Builders

People who frown upon web builders are often missing lead into believing that they can’t do the job. With such a massive learning curve to get into web development, they don’t even start a website. 

Let me just say this “Day-to-day tasks such as writing your blogs, uploading images, and changing time and dates are fairly straightforward and shouldn’t have to cost you each time.” 

Your website should be yours to play with however with limited time and knowledge where do you even start. 

That’s where I can help with 1 on 1 training to get you started with a secure platform that suites your needs and is easy to use you should have to worry about breaking anything simply enjoy the ride.

No job is too big even for you.